The Growing Importance of Digital Presence in Today’s Ecommerce Business Marketplace.  

The era that modern society now lives in is largely influenced by technology. The pattern unfolding is
a familiar one. First, a new trend emerges.  If many people latch on, then the trend slowly becomes the
standard practice.  

Digitization is approaching this point. Digital presence is necessary for many reasons in the world of eCommerce, as digitalization can change the landscape of competition.  Many companies, large and small, are at risk of being left behind without any digital presence.  

Website Creation

Internet technology is a huge source of opportunity for businesses worldwide.  Whether you are a startup company or an enterprise-level, you can leverage this platform and expand your business.

In this digitally transformed world, your website is the most effective platform to interact with your consumers.  Due to this, most potential customers have a first impression of your business via the website. Focusing on building a unique, attractive, and aligned website design can immensely impact the business.

Drive leads and converts them to sales with Billgenix’s customer-centric website creation services.   Here we build website solutions that are unarguably the most crucial marketing asset for your business.

Enhance Current Sites

With a mission statement and value proposition, you can showcase your product and services to your customers across the world.  Enhancing the current site allows visitors to understand what they will get in return for their investment.

Website enhancement means an improvised user experience for your current website that includes high-quality images and better interactive content. At Billgenix, we have experts and specialists to make sure the site has responsive service page designs, user-friendly navigation, and readability.  We build and reinforce your brand with proactive user-friendly website designs.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Every online business has a goal to reach the global market and become easy-to-use for customers. Billgenix offers creative solutions with enhanced solutions and rich features, including secure admin solutions, shipping & tax functionalities, etc.  Our experts in shopping cart integration take the initiative and develop a shopping cart according to your business goals and specifications.

With the help of advanced technology and tools, we develop shopping cart solutions with backend databases.  More importantly, our team is quite adaptable and flexible with the latest techniques to fulfill your business needs.  We have the capability, expertise, and proper tools to support top leading e-commerce platforms.

Setup on Major eCommerce Platforms

Whether you are looking for significant eCommerce platforms or wish to set up your business on a result-driven platform, we got you covered! However, setting up your store on a major eCommerce platform is a huge decision, but it’s something that will give your business a long-term effect.  Some of you might find this decision tough or challenging due to different variables.

At Billgenix, we understand your concerns. Choosing the best platform is quite similar to picking the best vehicle.  With major platforms, you can take advantage of payment options, online store management, reports, pricing, and much more.

Chat Support 24x7x365

Chat support is crucial for every eCommerce store, and it allows you to keep your customers satisfied and collect their data.  Whether it’s a chatbot or live support, both should have a proactive attitude and knowledge.  However, chatbots can easily handle simple questions like ETA, but you have to connect with a live support person for specific queries.

With extensive experience in chat support for businesses worldwide, we ensure to transform your business as per the relevant market requirements.  At Billgenix, our end-to-end help desk service takes place with a well-defined strategy with flexible and robust support.  Our chat support, 24x7x365, helps companies to add value to their products and services.