Digital transformation of your online site is not complete until you have seamlessly integrated payments.

Poor integration of payment options is one of the main reasons for abandoned carts and lost sales.

BillGenix through its strategic partnerships around the world is able to ensure your business has access to leading edge payment solutions at the most cost-effective rates.

We have in-house POS software and IT experts to work with you to either develop custom payment software or integrate your business to global eCommerce and Omni-channel platforms.

All major credit cards and alternate payments are supported.

We will review your business goals and current environment before recommending ideal payment solutions.  Enabling multiple payment options makes it easier for your customers to pay regardless where they are located in the world.  

Omni-channel POS software and major eCommerce platforms expertise.

Having separate systems managing your physical stores and online sites can lead to inconsistent consumer experience.  There are various Omni-channel software available to smoothly merge your different sales channels.

Global markets - North America, ASIA-PAC and other region coverage.

Do not limit your sales to your local market.  If you are not selling globally then your competition definitely is.  Let us make it easier for your business to accept payments in multiple regions and grow your sales.

Strategic partnerships

Working with strategic partners globally allows BillGenix to curate custom solutions for our clients.  The digital world is constantly evolving and keeping up with these changes requires strategic partners.  Those who do not keep up – do not survive.

Consulting services

We understand digital transformation is not simple and businesses have questions before making any major decisions.  Our experts are here to provide consulting services to help you make more informed decisions.