Billgenix is a Global Company focused on helping businesses
deal with the Digital Transformation in Commerce

It is no longer adequate to simply have a website to market your brand. In today’s modern era,
businesses must seamlessly integrate their physical and online environments to engage with customers
in any way consumers prefer.

Reimagine Your Ecommerce Store of the Future

Scaling Your Digital Transformation in Ecommerce

Billgenix can help your company succeed through digital transformation in Ecommerce where others have failed.  Do not be fooled by the digital gimmicks, businesses need to adapt to profound changes everyday.   We make those changes possible through our consultative support and technology integration.  Both consumers and businesses are having to deal with surprising and unexpected changes in a new digital world.  Navigating through this complex digital journey requires the right partner like BillGenix.

Successful digital transformation of your business in Ecommerce, means:

  • Your online and instore environment work harmoniously. Integrating your inventory management systems with all your channels ensures higher sales.
  • Customers need to seamlessly visit your website or physical location and get the same level of service. A professionally managed website says a lot about your business.
  • Payment options need to be simple and fully integrated, so customers do not abandon shopping carts.

Why Choose Us

One-stop-shop for all your digital transformation needs.

  • Enhanced Digital Presence – ensure your website is ready to support consumers who now expect every business to operate at the highest levels – like top eCommerce retailers.

Digital Marketing – having a website is not enough, especially if it does not come up in digital or social media searches.  Businesses need to promote their brands in different ways in a digital world. 

  • Connecting your physical and digital sites – integrating multiple systems is necessary to make things work smoothly in a digital era.  From your inventory management, multi-channel POS systems, accounting software, digital payment options, and deployment or delivery software all need to be interconnected for your business to operate smoothly and generate revenue. 

Customers are buying from businesses which are easy to find on the web, with sites easy to navigate, and offer latest payment options with fast delivery service. 

Businesses that do not change – don’t survive!  Let us help you change!

Your website needs to be promoted in multiple social media platforms and show up on top of online searches.   Once your customers arrive on your site, they need to easily navigate to find products, and get answers to their questions 24x7x365. 

After they have filled their shopping carts they need to check out without a cumbersome process.  It is all about consumer convenience. 

Billgenix is ready to assist your business in all these areas.

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