Full Service Medical Billing

Full Service Medical Billing

A complete billing service provider from conducting initial insurance verification through final payment posting.

Workers Compensation Collections

Workers Compensation Collections

A team of qualified legal experts that help ensure our processes are solid and derive results

Personal Injury Collections

Personal Injury Collections

With our simple and structured approach geared towards efficiency, we can get you your money as soon as the case settles.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing

Our experts are a team of skillful and experienced individuals who have completed and delivered all kinds of projects for our satisfied clients.

About us

A premier medical billing and collections company with decades of experience.

Our philosophy is to be provide professional world class services to our Medical Provider clients so they can focus on treating their patients while we take care of their revenue cycle management (RCM). We integrate seamlessly into our clients’ operations and deliver results that allow them to grow their business without having to worry about the administrative burdens of managing their accounts receivables.

Successfully Providing Medical Practice Solution for 35 years

Our Mission

Integrity, Operational Excellence, Innovation

To provide our clients with unparalleled service, reduce their administrative costs and headaches, and obtain the highest possible return on their accounts receivable through billing, collections, and lien litigation if necessary.  In this industry, reputation is everything, and we pride ourselves on fighting for every last dollar for our clients.

Our Background

Our executive team has over 100 years combined experience representing medical providers and line claimants throughout California. If you or your clients are treating or evaluating patients on a line basis, or even pursuant to a petition for costs basis, we know how to work within the system to get you paid. Whether it’s through over the phone collection efforts or the additional litigation that is required before the WCAB, we have the expertise to handle your claims in the most effective way.  Our team knows how to win the fight against insurance companies and get you paid.

Benefits of Outsourcing

In addition to measurable reduction in accounts receivable days, other major operational efficiencies can be gained by outsourcing your medical billing.  You spend your time delivering vital medical services instead of processing claims, collecting account receivables, and worrying about cash flow. 

With Billgenix’s detailed monthly and weekly reports you can focus on your practice while our trained and experienced staff makes sure your bills get paid and your needs are taken care of.

Our fee structure is based on a fixed percentage of your monthly collection, which means we don’t get paid unless you do. This alignment of interest makes us a strong advocate for your business because maximizing your receivables’ value means we get paid more as well. And unlike other collection companies, we don’t charge for data migration, data back-up, or other administrative processes that are part of the collections. We’ll also provide all the reports you want at no extra cost, which is just a part of how we make sure our clients have full transparency and are included in the process as much as they want to be.

Check Our Math

Medium Size Practice (4 FTP)
Expense Type Monthly In-House Billing Cost with Billgenix
Employee Salary (3 Full Time) $16 per hour X 40 hours per week X 4 Weeks Per Month 5% on Average of $150,000 Monthly collections
$7,680.00 $7,500.00
Medical Benefits Average $315 per PPO Plan (50% Employer Contribution) None
Sick Days Paid Time off/Delayed Revenues None
Vacation Leave Paid Time off/Delayed Revenues None
Retirement Plan Based on $3 per $100 on Payroll (401K) None
Workers Compensation Benefits Based on $0.95 per $100 on Payroll None
Payroll Taxes 7.25% Employer Tax Due None
Practice Management Software $160 Per Provider None
Electronic Bill Submission $0.80 Per Encounter (1825 bills per month) None
Total $10,472.66 $7,500.00

Outsourcing Saves Atleast 28%
The cost calculated above does not include office space lease, liability insurance, office equipment, phone systems etc.