Medical Data Entry Solutions

Looking for a team of people who can build, organize and function as part of your business. We have a whole bunch of people trained in medical billing, insurance verification, and medical or other data entry process. We work with people who have their expertise in managing data from your accounts payable to a local order taking logs.

Our experts are a team of skillful and experienced individuals who have completed and delivered all kinds of projects for our satisfied clients. We provide you with the best back office solution which is affordable and reliable for our clients.

Some of our practice areas include Online Form Filling, Online Survey Job, Invoice and Billing Entry Processing, Handling Accounts Payable  & in-house verification.

Medium Size Practice (4 FTP)
Expense Type Monthly In-House Billing Cost with Billgenix
Employee Salary (3 Full Time) $16 per hour X 40 hours per week X 4 Weeks Per Month 5% on Average of $150,000 Monthly collections
$7,680.00 $7,500.00
Medical Benefits Average $315 per PPO Plan (50% Employer Contribution) None
Sick Days Paid Time off/Delayed Revenues None
Vacation Leave Paid Time off/Delayed Revenues None
Retirement Plan Based on $3 per $100 on Payroll (401K) None
Workers Compensation Benefits Based on $0.95 per $100 on Payroll None
Payroll Taxes 7.25% Employer Tax Due None
Practice Management Software $160 Per Provider None
Electronic Bill Submission $0.80 Per Encounter (1825 bills per month) None
Total $10,472.66 $7,500.00

Outsourcing Saves Atleast 28%
The cost calculated above does not include office space lease, liability insurance, office equipment, phone systems etc.