AR Management

The accounts receivable is always a concern for providers and/or practices. At Billgenix, we aggressively work at the AR every 30 days. We have been very successful in recovering monies that most providers thought were a lost cause. The filing time limits that some of the insurance companies have instilled on the providers make working the AR a top priority. With a proper system there isn’t anything that can’t be done. Here is what we will provide to ensure your AR servicing is handled and monies recovered;

  1. Dedicated collections team
  2. Payment follow up with carriers
  3. Lien Litigation
  4. Petitions, objections, trial briefs
  5. Reports

It’s all about keeping up with the timelines and the right strategy. That’s the stuff we know! 

Medium Size Practice (4 FTP)
Expense Type Monthly In-House Billing Cost with Billgenix
Employee Salary (3 Full Time) $16 per hour X 40 hours per week X 4 Weeks Per Month 5% on Average of $150,000 Monthly collections
$7,680.00 $7,500.00
Medical Benefits Average $315 per PPO Plan (50% Employer Contribution) None
Sick Days Paid Time off/Delayed Revenues None
Vacation Leave Paid Time off/Delayed Revenues None
Retirement Plan Based on $3 per $100 on Payroll (401K) None
Workers Compensation Benefits Based on $0.95 per $100 on Payroll None
Payroll Taxes 7.25% Employer Tax Due None
Practice Management Software $160 Per Provider None
Electronic Bill Submission $0.80 Per Encounter (1825 bills per month) None
Total $10,472.66 $7,500.00

Outsourcing Saves Atleast 28%
The cost calculated above does not include office space lease, liability insurance, office equipment, phone systems etc.